Hi there! I’m Marc Rudkowski, a front end developer with a passion for product design!

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Hi! My name is

Marc Rudkowski

A front end developer with a passion for product design

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I build things. Here’s some of my most recent work. Also checkout my Dribbble and Behance!

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Livestreaming web app I built out to compete in the gaming and creative market

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Cedarhurst Dentist

Responsive Concept Redesign for XpertDental, to increase usability and add brand value

See on Behance
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Illustration Series

I love to make illustrations, and do it quite often. You should check them out!

See my Dribbble
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Developer Series

Did I mention I’m a developer? You can see some of my hackathon projects, my portfolio code and side projects

Check My Github
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Feel free to drop me a line or contact me at marc.rudkowski@gmail.com